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The Palo Verde and Southwestern Railroad is an incredible outdoor layout designed to incorporate the realism of the Southern Pacific line as it ran through California and Arizona during the 40's, 50's and 60's. We have created mountains, streams, lakes, forests and desert areas; all to give the layout the look and feel of these two states. We have also used plants and flowers throughout the layout which adds a softness to the natural landscaping. So these two elements; the created aspect of the layout (mountains, lakes and streams) and the natural aspect, (plants, flowers and grass) gives this layout a very realistic feel.

This outdoor railroad was designed to do two things:

1)provide a spectacular setting to operate trains in a prototypical and realistic setting

2) provide the continuous operation of six to eight trains running thorough the layout during open houses and public display.
The Palo Verde and Southwestern Railroad has been a dream come true for this five year old boy who became enthraled with trains when he received his first Lionel train set some fifty-two years ago.

It has also been a lot of fun designing, creating and building this incredible fantasy in my backyard. My hope is that this wonderful layout can bring joy and happiness to all of those who view this website, and to all those individuals who have the opportunity to see it in person!

So . . . . if it's your desire to see (6) high powered locomotives pulling 80 car freight trains up a 2% grade, or, you want to see a stunning GS-4 Daylight pulling 18 beautiful streamlined passenger cars through an S curve . . . . . . . .

then come on in and

" Let's Play With the Trains! "

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